Our vision is to help parents and caregivers who want more for their children.

For 20 years, we have been helping parents to make their children happier; creating unusual, bold sets for skills development. To do this, we dig through tons of scientific research, cooperate with world-class experts, utilise the experience of thousands of families… and create one set per year. Just one. It contains zero untested theories, zero empty talk and zero wasted time. Instead, each of our sets has:

Cutting-edge discoveries in the form of simple tools. The latest research from experts in child psychology and development, multiplied by the experience of parents and teachers.

A convenient system of playful activities and materials that can be used for several years. Everything is simple, clear and provided in one set.

A long-term and important result: the development of skills for learning, and for an amazing life for your child!


Our Foundation for Learning, shows the key skills that we cover and how a baby’s natural curiosity combined with meaningful, child-led play with parents can help develop and accelerate these key social and life skills.

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Our products all fit into our Foundation for Learning areas, as follows:

Emotional intelligence

  • My First Emotions

Cognitive skills:

  • Little Thinkers
  • Easy Counting
  • 100 Games
  • Experiments


  • Masterpieces
  • My First Masterpieces

Communication skills

  • Skylark English for Babies
  • World In Your Hand

Committed To Quality

At Skylark Learning, we’re committed to producing exciting, high quality resources to help children learn and develop. Our products provide parents with the tools and support to help their child learn in a meaningful environment.

Committed To Growth

We believe the key to an effective educational resource is a good methodology. For this reason, we have taken care to develop our unique products with the help of British education, psychology and language specialists.

Committed To Quality

We’re always looking for partners to help take our unique resources to little learners across the globe. Sound interesting? See what opportunities there are for you!

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