Learn Maths the Curious Way

Designed in Britain by a highly experienced Advanced Skills Mathematics teacher, The Curious Dragons line is based on the famous Singapore Maths method. The fundamental learning approach is ‘Touch it! Visualise it! Symbolise it!’. Many UK schools have adopted the Singapore Maths method as the Maths Mastery approach.


Students’ performance in Mathematics in Singapore is consistently high. For over a decade, Singapore’s education system has remained continually at, or near, the top of most major world education rankings. When we look at the ‘gold standard’ for evaluating educational outcomes worldwide, PISA, Singapore students came 2nd in Maths in 2018 and 1st in 2009 through to 2015.


Unfortunately, Mathematics often has an unfair reputation among many adults for being ‘boring’ or ‘difficult’. The Curious Dragons are on a mission to change that for today’s children, once and for all. By collecting ‘dragon eggs’ and playing the other exciting and competitive games from this line, children will gain a firm and clear understanding of numbers. And they won’t even realise that they were doing Maths! The Curious Dragons flagship resource is a set of five engaging and carefully structured games. It is best to play the games in order, as each game builds on the previous one. Once the children are confident with all five games, they can play in any way they like, having fun and reinforcing their grasp of numbers. The Learning Guide provided includes learning objectives, tips and variations for each game, key questions to ask, and even complementary games to nurture the children’s inner mathematicians.

Children will gain an understanding of numbers and rational counting. The five structured games provide opportunities to touch and count physical objects and then experience both visual and symbolic representations of numbers. By doing this, the children will begin to notice relationships between numbers and develop a deep understanding of what they mean in the world around us.


Also available are three fun activity sticker books which help children to learn the concepts of shapes and measures, counting and number bonds for 5 and 10, and addition and subtraction with numbers up to 20. Each book has over 100 stickers.

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