We all have emotions, but children are not born knowing what their feelings are or how to cope with them. Skylark’s My First Emotions is a line of amazing multisensory early years resources to help little ones to understand and manage emotions.

Packed with engaging and beautifully illustrated materials, connected tools and stimulating activity ideas, My First Emotions will help to explore love, happiness, sadness, anger and fear through stories and games.

When shared with parents, My First Emotions helps them to respond to their child’s emotions in a positive way, set boundaries, deal with problematic behaviour constructively, and foster a healthy emotional environment within the home.


“If you help a child develop goodemotional understanding,you are giving them a gift that will set them up for life – it will help them with school, relationships and well-being.”

Dr John Lambie
Associate Professor of Psychology, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge
Author of My First Emotions

My First Emotions books and toys continuously evolve in line with the latest research, guidance and feedback from thousands of practitioners and families. Originally created in Cambridge in 2016, the line was fully updated in 2021-2022 in partnership with Somerset County Council, EHCAP, and Anglia Ruskin University.

Fully in line with the 2021 EYFS Framework, My First Emotions activities help reach the Early Learning Goals of Self-Regulation and Building Relationships. In the wake of the Covid pandemic’s impact on the social and emotional development of many children and families, My First Emotions is now supporting early years practitioners in over 600 settings in Somerset, UK.



“This set of materials is perfect for supporting young children’s emotional and social development. It provides a varied range of stimulating and engaging activities that will promote emotional and social literacy.”

Dr Janet Rose
Co-founder of Emotion Coaching UK

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