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All our exciting research-based resources currently in stock are available to order on this website. Most of them are also available on and in shops around the UK, eg the Science Museum in London.

Early Years Settings & Schools

We provide special prices and terms for Early Years and healthcare settings, as well as for related organisations, based on the quantities required. For larger orders, we can provide customisation of the products, including co-branding. Supplies can be accompanied with the staff training by Skylark's Experts.

"For example, in 2021 Skylark's My First Emotions resources were supplied to over 600 settings in Somerset, UK, in partnership with Somerset County Council."

Staff training was provided by Dr Sarah Temple.


We ship worldwide, but we also realise that not every family or Early Years professional in the world can comfortably use an English-language book or game. Skylark's world-class resources have been published in several languages, including Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Every translation is curated by Skylark's experienced editors and verified by an academic consultant from a leading research institution in the country for which the translation is being prepared. This ensures that the resources are just as effective, and the science is just as sound, as in English.

We offer four International Partnership Options:

  • Distributor
  • Local Language Partner
  • Joint Branding and Co-editions
  • Licensing


We offer non-exclusive wholesale prices for all the products available on this website and more. We can supply special editions based on the volumes required. In addition, subject to meeting the agreed sales targets over set time periods, we can offer exclusive distribution contracts within a geographic territory.

Local Language Partner

Due to our expertise in product development and production, we can supply local language versions of most of our resources, including the connected online content. We work closely with you to make sure the new edition is fully compliant with the local toy safety and other applicable regulations. Our robust translation and editing process ensures the quality of the new version fully matches the original while also acknowledging the local science and culture.

Joint Branding & Co-editions

Though most sales are made under the Skylark brand, we are open to negotiations for co-branded versions of the resources based on sales volumes.


For some territories and languages, we offer licensing options for our books and activity sets.

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