Robbie is on his way!

Dear Supporters of My First Emotions!

Robbie the rabbit is on his way along with the first stock of My First Emotions. As you read this update, he is on a cruise somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

We thank you for your support of My First Emotions and your patience as we get ready to launch in the UK: we can’t wait to send you your set! And if you didn’t order it yet, you still have a chance to do it!

As you will be one of the first owners of this amazing product in the country, we would be keen to get your feedback on the product. We have over 5,000 delighted customers outside of the UK and we are looking forward to seeing many happy customers here too.

If you haven’t yet seen previous update, check out the pictures we took while My First Emotions was being produced.

So, Robbie is on his way and we will update you with an estimated delivery date in the next few weeks!

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