Robbie & My First Emotions is on its way to you!

Dear Friends!

Our first shipment of My First Emotions has now arrived in the UK. At this key moment, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the overwhelming support of all those who made it possible.

We have sent out the first pre-orders of My First Emotions. At Skylark Learning, we are passionate about helping the learning and development of children. We do this through beautifully designed, fun, multisensory playsets which are based on current psychological research and develop valuable skills for life.

We could not have managed this without your belief in us. We want to say thank you! We are very proud of My First Emotions and we hope you will like it too. There are not many things in life we do that make a lasting positive difference but we believe this is one of them.

We are arranging a celebratory launch event in Cambridge at Anglia Ruskin University on the evening of 16th November. As a very special friend of Skylark Learning, you will receive a formal invitation shortly (with all the details). We hope you can join us.

As you will be one of the first in the country to try My First Emotions, please let us know what you think – both good and bad. At Skylark Learning, we believe in lifelong learning, and that applies to all our products as well as ourselves.

Thanks once again!

Alexey Manichenko,
CEO of Skylark Learning

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