The official launch of My First Emotions

It’s coming! The official launch of My First Emotions will be held on 16th November (6:30pm) at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge!

My First Emotions was designed and developed in conjunction with Anglia Ruskin University’s Dr John Lambie – a specialist in emotional awareness, validation and regulation – which is why our event will take place there:

LAB 006

Anglia Ruskin University

East Road


The main presentation will be given by Dr Lambie, on “Why it’s OK for our children to have negative emotions: A better way of parenting”. We will show you the set, answer your questions and, of course, there will be an exclusive offer for all attendees.

We would love to see parents, early learning professionals, experts, retailers – anyone who is interested in the area of emotional development and in our product.

Please register in advance. It’s FREE 

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