Activity ideas for emotional development

my first emotions activities - activity ideas for toddlers and babies

Music With Infants 0+

First, lightly shake a small bell next to your child, and then do the same with a larger bell.

Move the music lesson to the kitchen: show what sounds a spoon makes when you hit it (lightly) against a glass, and then a saucepan. Don’t overdo it, though, or you might frighten your child.

Sing nursery rhymes and lullabies to your child. Even children as young as a month or a month and a half old may react differently to different music: ‘dancing’ (waving their arms and legs) when they hear happy music, and falling quiet when they hear sad music.

Marked Emotion Mirroring 7m+

Copy your child’s naturally occurring emotion face, but make your face an exaggerated version of their face. You can also label the expression on their face at the same time, eg “Ooh … you look sad.”

Talk About Your Own Emotions 30m+

Your child will be very tuned in to your emotions. Use this as an opportunity to talk about emotion with them. For example, let’s say earlier in the day you were in a café with your child and you were tired and running late and got angry with the waiter because they forgot your order. You could say “Mummy got angry today in the café, didn’t she? Do you know why?” And then you can tell your child about how you felt and why. You can also talk about what you did to feel better.

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